Visiting the northernmost province of Luzon Island? For your upcoming trip, we created this DIY travel guide in Ilocos Norte.

DIY travel guide in ilocos norte 2022

Ilocos Norte, a northwest Luzon province renowned for its striking coastline and distinctive terrains, is a popular vacation destination due to its old and new buildings coexisting harmoniously. While historic buildings proudly stand among the developed areas. Ilocos Norte is also famous for being the home province of Ferdinand Marcos, the Philippines’ longest-serving president.


From Cubao, Pasay or Sampaloc, take a bus going to Laoag. It takes around 9 to 12 hours from Manila via land or air via Philippine Airlines, the only passenger airline that operates in Laoag City it will take you to Laoag within 45 minutes.

From Manila Buses:  Fare is ₱1,100 +/-
● FARINAS – Manila (02) 731-4507 | Aircon WiFi
● GV FLORIDA – Manila (02) 781-5849 | Aircon WiFi
● MARIA DE LEON – Manila (0916) 717-2545 & (0909) 344-9661 | Aircon WiFi
● PARTAS – Manila (02) 743-3242 | Pasay (02) 852-8194 | Cubao (02) 727-8275 | Aircon WiFi
● VIRON TRANSIT – Manila (02) 741-6588 & (02) 731-8620 & (02) 726-7409 | Aircon WiFi

From Baguio Buses: Fare is ₱550.00 +/-
● FARINAS – Gov. Pack Road | Aircon WiFi
● PARTAS – Gov. Pack Road | (074) 444-8431 | Aircon
● FLORIDA – Bokawkan Road, Baguio City | 0967 337 1834


Here are our lists of the Top Tourist Spots in Ilocos Norte updated year 2022.

  • Ilocos Norte-Apayao Road – On a trip to the Ilocos Norte-Apayao route, adventurers had discovered a similar location between the boundaries of Barangays Manalpac in Solsona town and Butao in Calanasan, Apayao, about 40 kilometers from Laoag.

Diy travel guide in ilocos norte 2022

  • Graciano’s Cove – The cliffs  and large waves will enhance this location’s charm. It feels as though you are in Hawaii with this breathtaking scenery. 
Diy travel guide in ilocos norte 2022
  • Paoay Lake Waterpark – a 4200sqm or equivalent to 10 baseketball courts is located in Paoay lake. It offers different kinds of water activities like Sunny Slides, Human Launcher, Tarzan Swings and an inflatable pool suitable for all ages.
Diy travel guide in ilocos norte 2022
Floating Waterpark Playground in Ilocos now OPEN
  • Paoay Church – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, if you travel to the north. About 19 km southwest of Laoag, the church, also known as the San Agustin Church.

DIY travel guide in ilocos norte 2022

  • Paoay Sand Dunes – Along Ilocos Norte’s eastern coast, the Paoay Sand Dunes are a well-liked geological attraction and tourist destination. The entire region, which is around 88 square kilometers, is well known as a fantastic location for sandboarding and 4×4 jeep drives across the sand. You can get an adrenaline rush while driving a 4×4 across the dunes and across the rugged terrain in this area. 

DIY travel guide in ilocos norte 2022

  • Malacañang of the North – This enormous, intricately built palace with its expansive grounds blends Ilocano and Spanish architectural styles. The ultimate result is fairly imposing, and one of its best qualities is the breathtaking vista from the house, which looks out over meticulously maintained gardens and the lovely Paoay Lake.

DIY travel guide in ilocos norte 2022

  • Bangui Windmills – Numerous tourists visit Bangui Windmills, especially in the summer. Obtaining a stunning photograph beneath one of the enormous windmills is free of charge. Visit the windmill farm throughout the day specially during sunsets if you want to see the breathtaking windmill attraction.

top tourist destinations in ilocos norte

  • Saud Beach Pagudpud – Travel+Leisure, a New York-based travel publication, named Saud Beach in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, as one of the 25 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World.

top tourist destinations in ilocos norte

  • Patapat Viaduct – The Philippines’ fourth-longest bridge is this one. The Patapat serves as the Maharlika Highway’s continuation and connects the rest of the Ilocos Region to the Cagayan Valley.
top tourist destination in ilocos norte
Photo: Hacel Dantoc Facebook Account
  • Kapurpurawan Rock Formation – The magnificent Kapurpurawan Rock is located right at the edge of the coast, with the azure water serving as its backdrop. People visit this location to admire the rock and take pictures. 
top tourist spots in ilocos norte
Photo: Roy Gonzales Facebook Account

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The best time to visit Ilocos Norte is from November to February if you want to avoid overheating while on vacation. By the time November rolls around, Christmas preparations are already well under way, so you can anticipate a flurry of festive events.

February 1 to 10 is the annual Pamulinawen Festival the grandest festival in the entire province.

The hottest months are from March through June, when highs of 35 degrees Celsius are common and there is little rain. You might run into a number of families with school-age children in Laoag during your visit because these months also happen to fall between Holy Week and the majority of schools’ summer vacation.

Rain and even typhoons are common during the months of July to October.


In Laoag City

In Pagudpud

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where to eat in Laoag city

In Laoag City

  • Cuisine de Iloco Restaurant:  If you’re looking for a great place to eat in Laoag City, Cuisine de Iloco is the place to go. The restaurant earned some good reviews all over the internet, and it’s definitely as popular with tourists as it is with locals—and for good reason! Their cozy interior, friendly service, and delicious food make it a real winner.
  • Eagles’ Nest Bar and Restaurant: Eagles’ Nest is an Ilocano-style restaurant that offers a wide variety of dishes from Ilocano cuisine to international cuisines like Japanese and American. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed; it’s not pretentious at all. They have wooden chairs, tables and lots of native designs adorning their interior. The music band will serenade you while you eat, making for a truly memorable dining experience!

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In Pagudpud

  • BergBlick Restaurant: They have been serving a variety of authentically cooked international, German, and Filipino dishes since 2010.
    The majority of their salads and veggies are always expertly prepared using organically cultivated ingredients. Everything, including the pasta, sauces, bagnet, etc., is homemade.
  • Emohruo Beach Restobar: An Ilocano cuisine restaurant formerly known as Evangeline Restaurant that is located in the shoreline of Saud Beach.

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In Batac

  • Batac Riverside Empanadaan: Lanie’s Special Empanada is a pastry that resembles that of a crunchy folded pizza, stuffed with locally produced vegetables such as mung beans, grated papaya, and other fillings like egg and longganisa. The good part is it is located near Ferninand Marcos Museum.


Day 1
07:00am – Arrived in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte
08:30am – Breakfast @ Dawangs Eatery
10:30am – Laoag City Tour (Sinking Bell Tower, Picture taking infront of Ilocos Norte Capitol, Visit St. William Cathedral and Museu Ilocos Norte) all these tourists spots are walking distance to each other.
12:30pm – Lunch at Cuisine de Iloco Restaurant
01:00pm – Hotel check-in in Viven Hotel
02:00pm – Paoay Church
03:00pm – Malacañang Ti Amianan
04:30pm – 4×4 at Paoay Sand Dunes (₱1,500 for 30 minutes  with sand boarding)
06:00pm – Back to the hotel (Viven hotel is located beside Robinson’s Mall)

Day 2
06:00am – Breakfast
06:30am – Estimated Time of Departure for Pagudpud
07:30am – Graciano’s Cove
08:00am – Cape Bojeador
09:00am – Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
10:30am – Bangui Windmill
12:00pm – Check-in at Evangeline Resort
12:30pm – Lunch at BergBlick Restaurant
01:00pm – Patapat Viaduct
02:00pm – Bantay Abot Cave
03:00pm – Blue Lagoon
04:00pm – Saud Beach and Swim
05:00pm – Watch the sunset
06:00pm – Dinner at Emohruo Beach Restobar

Day 3
06:00am – Breakfast
07:30am – Estimated Time of Departure in Batac City
10:00am – Visit Ferdinand Marcos Museum
11:00pm – Eat Empanada and Miki

01:00pm – Juan Luna Shrine, Badoc
03:00pm – Estimated Time of Departure for Manila


Updated: October 2022 – No travel requirements

Note: You must always bring your vaccination card because some establishments still require it. A picture of it will do. 


  • Private car: Recommended to use Google Maps to roam around Ilocos Norte.
  • You can reserve a Tour Van through your hotel. It costs around ₱4,500.00 per day. The driver is included in the price.
  • Bus going to Pagudpud will cost you ₱100 per way.
  • Trycicle fare within Laoag city proper is ₱15 to ₱20 (You can also bargain to the driver to tour you around the city or even in Paoay)
  • Kalesa fare is ₱30 within the city proper only.


The Ilocos Tri-City Tour is a popular tourist itinerary in Luzon that includes a visit to the cities of Laoag, Pagudpud, and Vigan. Laoag is known for its heritage sites, such as the Sinking Bell Tower and the Paoay Church, as well as its beautiful beaches. Pagudpud is a seaside town that is famous for its long stretch of white sand beach and clear blue waters. Vigan is a World Heritage Site known for its well-preserved colonial houses and historic landmarks, such as the Calle Crisologo. 

Ilocano Terms that Might Help You

In Ilocos Norte, English is commonly spoken and understood. Here are some important words in case you desire to speak the language, though.
Thank You – Agyamanak
Good Morning – Naimbag a bigat
Good Afternoon – Naimbag a malem
Good Evening – Naimbag a rabii
How Much? – Sagmamano daytoy?
Where is… – Sadino ti… is a website run by people who likes to travel, food and write whatever that interest them.

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