5 funny Ilocano Terms that Everybody Knows

Ilocano Terms that Everybody Knows — Ilocanos are the third largest ethnic group in the Philippines that are mostly residing in northern part of Luzon Island.

Here are the words that if you tell to a non Ilocano person they will immediately recognize what ethnic group you belong.

1. Kuripot

Yes, Ilocanos are kuripot because we are thinking and saving some for our future. We think like ants who save resources before the rainy season.

So what is kuripot? – It basically pertains to a person who doesn’t want to spend money as much as possible.

2. Pinakbet (Vegetable dish)

Pinakbet is an Ilocano dish from the northern Philippines. It is a shortened word for the Ilocano phrase “Pinakulo ni Baket” which means “Grandmother’s Stew”.

3. President Marcos Sr.

They call it the best president of the Philippines, the nation builder and a visionnaire. His main objective is to enhanced the industrialization and the creation of solid infrastructures nationwide for the brighter future of our nation. Some of his projects are still working up to this days.

Yes, mostly Ilocanos love the Marcoses but not all.

4. Vigan

One of the 7 Wonder Cities of the world (2011-2014) the whole world recognize this place.

Vigan’s top tourist attraction is Calle Crisologo which is filled with Spanish-style ancestral houses that travels you back when this place is a prosperous Spanish colonial city, a calesa ride or walk in this street is a must.

Ilocano Terms that Everybody Knows
Source: Photo by user Obra19-Jojo Deladia

5. Hawaianos

According to files.hawaii.gov  Ilocano language is the second largest non-english spoken language in their state with a total number of 54,005 speakers second to Tagalog speakers with 58,345 speakers, take note that these data does’nt include those non-Ilocano speakers that belong to Ilocano ethnic group becasue they are born and raised in Hawaii with Ilocano blood.


If you have something to add to this list “Ilocano Terms that Everybody Knows” write in the comment section below.

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