Siargao is the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, but people still visit it here because it also offers beautiful sceneries and fun activities for non-surfers too. So here are the 16 amazing things to do in Siargao Island 2023.
things to do in siargao

The Philippines’ top surfing destination – Siargao, won the Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Award for Best Island in Asia in 2021 and one of the Top Tourist Destinations in the Philippines.

Siargao island is located within the province of Surigao del Norte, Philippines.

Siargao has excellent surfing settings, especially from August to December during the southwest “habagat” monsoon when the primary breeze is offshore.

You can explore three of Siargao’s most sought-after islands in one day on an epic island-hopping experience. The Naked Island would be the first stop on the schedule. Even though its name is unassuming, its immaculate white sands provide one of the most Instagrammable sights anyone has ever seen. 

Daku Island is the most prominent of the three islands. True to its name, which in Visayan literally translates as “large,” the island offers visitors many opportunities for photo ops, water sports, and limitless sunbathing. 

On the island, you may also indulge in a “boodle fight,” a traditional Filipino lunch buffet where you eat a variety of Filipino meals on a banana leaf like a real local. Guyam Island serves as the day’s last stop. There, you can unwind, laze around on the beach, and take in the breathtaking natural scenery of the island.

Surf at Cloud 9

Thick, hollow tubes and quick-barreling right-hand waves that crash over a reef are what makes Cloud 9 famous across the world.

The Cloud 9 wave, best suited for skilled, agile surfers, has been described as a death ride because it crashes against shallow, razor-sharp coral.

Underwater waves are believed to have a force that makes you feel like you’re being drawn into a cocoon. The ride is brief and smooth when conditions are perfect, with waves 5 to 6 feet high.

Post Title: 16 Amazing Things to do in Siargao 2023

Swim at Magpaponko Rock Pools

On the east coast of Siargao Island, a natural rock pool called Magpupungko is best explored during low tide.

You must include it in your sights to see in Siargao because it is one of the most well-known tourist attractions.

The rock formations are incredibly sharp, jagged, and harsh, so if you intend to do some cliff jumping, be sure to have a pair of slip-on waterproof shoes or old shoes to climb onto. And the water is just 3 meters deep, so be careful.

You can also book a Siargao land tour, a hassle-free tour if you want to visit the hidden gems in the island.
Check here: Siargao Land Tour

Crystal Kayak in Sugba Lagoon

Sugba Lagoon is a hidden treasure in the tranquil Siargao village of Del Carmen. This breathtaking location can be found in a mysterious mangrove forest bordered by mountains.

Visitors can enjoy a gorgeous 4,000-hectare turquoise swimming area away from General Luna’s bustle at Sugba Lagoon.

Post Title: 16 Amazing Things to do in Siargao 2023

Cliff Jumping at Tayangban Cave Pool

The rock pool offers two locations for cliff jumping: one is from a 2-meter-high boulder, and the other is from the cliff edge, which is around 5 meters high.

Before you jump, check the water, and ask your guide where to aim. The likelihood of striking the bottom is remote because the rock pool is just 3 to 4 meters deep.

Take a Picture in Coconut Trees View Deck

One of the island’s most stunning tourist attractions is a breathtaking panorama of thousands of coconut trees extending into the mountains.

This is something that everyone visiting Siargao will want to do. After all, Coconut Mountain View, also known as the Coconut Trees View Deck, is located on the route to other Siargao tourist attractions.

Post Title: 16 Amazing Things to do in Siargao 2023

Try Wakeboarding in Siargao Wakepark

Bring your pals who are addicted to adrenaline for a 90-minute wakeboarding session. The park is ideal for seasoned riders but also accepts newcomers and aspiring riders. Boost your adrenaline by surfing the waves with the help of your qualified instructor.
While you wait, unwind at the charming lakefront Kubo.

Post Title: 16 Amazing Things to do in Siargao 2023

Experience Freediving at Palaka Siargao Dive Center

The sole international scuba diving and freediving school on Siargao Island are Palaka Siargao Dive Center. From beginner to professional levels, they offer instruction in all PADI diving courses and all AIDA Freediving courses in four different languages. 

There are various dive sites to explore, ranging from nearby shallow dive sites for beginners to the renowned and breathtaking Blue Cathedral for expert divers and freedivers.

Post Title: 16 Amazing Things to do in Siargao 2023

Learn to Surf at Harana Surf School

Before soaking yourself in the waves of Cloud 9, you should learn the basics first. To teach you all you need to know to feel safe and secure in the surf, they’ve chosen some of the top surfers and teachers born and raised on Siargao Island.

Their basic lessons include a particular idea session on land to aid students in understanding the complicated factors involved, such as gear selection, tide reading, swell reading, and safety.

Book here via Klook

Island Cruising Through Galatea

The most relaxing cruise sailboat in Siargao is the Galatea. They have a large, inviting patio that is perfect for relaxing.

Just hire them for the day to participate in their expeditions across the Siargao islands. Perfect for family vacations, parties, and surf safaris on islands!

Post Title: 16 Amazing Things to do in Siargao 2023

Experience the Farm Life at Bayatakan Farm Experience

The first farm-to-table wellness retreat in Siargao is called Bayatakan Farm Experience. This is a hands-on introduction to Siargao’s agriculture, cuisine, and culture.

Post Title: 16 Amazing Things to do in Siargao 2023

Try Kitesurfing at Seabreeze Kite Club

For beginners and rippers who prefer to test the waves on the reef, Seabreeze Kite Club Siargao, Philippines, is the appropriate location because it boasts the ideal kite surfing area in a small lagoon. IKO professionalism can be found at Seabreeze Kite Club with a grin and lots of enjoyment!.

Post Title: 16 Amazing Things to do in Siargao 2023

Swing in Bended Coconut Tree Rope

It would be best if you experienced the bent coconut tree rope swing that is so popular in Siargao.

Mingle with the Locals

I tell you talking to locals is one of the reasons why I travel to know their short history and on the island. Siargao Island people are beautiful and very welcoming. They will greet you with a warm smile.

Shop in Siargao

Visit their souvenir shops like Gwapitos, Fat Lips, or Gasa, among many more, if you enjoy collecting mementoes or local crafts that remind you of your time spent in Siargao.

Typical costs range from Php100 to Php800 or more. Choose some helpful things you enjoy to prevent clutter when you go home.

Eat Local and International Cuisines

Numerous restaurants in the neighbourhood are attracting both domestic and international tourists. Everyone would love to visit one of these restaurants, even just once, to experience their fantastic cuisine and authentic food.

Recommended Restaurants: 

  • Kermit Siargao
  • Bravo Restaurant
  • Shaka Siargao

Post Title: 16 Amazing Things to do in Siargao 2023

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