6 Days Travel Budget Itinerary | Singapore and Malaysia Tour

6 Days Travel Budget Itinerary in Singapore and Malaysia Tour. 

Singapore and Malaysia Tours

Ilocanos are known to be “kuripot”, and I’m sure I have that trait. Travelling is often quoted as an “expensive hobby”. Hence, as a thrifty person raised in Ilocos, I got to find ways to make it possible without spending my entire savings on it. Ilocanos are also known to be “hardworking” with all that hard work, especially after an emotionally draining pandemic. I deserve to be out and experience new things, and you deserve it too! Here are a few hacks that will help you save a few bucks when travelling to Singapore and Malaysia.

Singapore is one of the most expensive countries to travel to, according to the survey, and it’s true. I have travelled to seven ASEAN countries, including South Korea and China. And now that I experienced travelling to Singapore, it is accurate. But no worries, I manage to spend PHP8,500 only for this three-day trip.

Singapore and Malaysia Tour

1. Airfare

Total Cost: Php 4,620


  • One-way Ticket via Airasia
  • 7 Kg Handcarry Luggage
  • Philippines Travel tax that costs Php 1,620

*Travel Hack – This is a promo fare. Most airlines do promotions during holidays, so mark your calendars and always check their Facebook pages for announcements. 

**Click here to check their Updated Promotions

2. Internet

Total Cost: Singtel SGD 18 or Php 738 

* Travel Hack – It is cheaper to buy this Simcard at 7-Eleven than at the Airport.

**Or you can purchase a Simcard via Klook by clicking here and claim it at Changi Airport once you arrive.

3. Transportation: 

Total Cost: SGD 23 or Php 943 per person

The MRT fare from Changi Airport Terminal 2 to the city proper is SGD 2.40. 

Average MRT Fare: SGD 1.8 per ride, depending on how far you go.

Transportation Card Fee is SGD 5, already included in the expenses.

*Travel Hack – you don’t need to buy a transportation card because credit cards can be used as payment for transportation in Singapore. We did not buy the tourist pass because we have only limited time to explore the city, plus you need to return it after use to get the SGD 10 deposit.

4. Accommodation: 

Total Cost: Php 2,213 per night

We stayed in a capsule-type hotel, which we regretted after we arrived at the premises.

*Reminder: I will not mention the accommodation name because it is probably the worst hotel I have ever been to it has dirty bathrooms, smelly hallways, power interruptions, a total nightmare.

*Tips: Singapore requires a lot of walking. We did at least 26,000 steps in a day, which is very exhausting, so having a comfortable private space where you can rest peacefully is a must. I recommend you splurge more for your accommodation.

5. Food:

Total Cost: SGD 66 – Php 2,700 per person

Hawker Centres: The cheapest option ranges from 3 SGD to 6 SGD per meal.

The mall is quite expensive, especially in Marina Bay Sands Mall; a meal for 1-person is around 10SGD to 15 SGD per meal. 

*Travel Hack – Most Food Centres in Singapore only accept cash as payment, though few stores already accept cards

Singapore and Malaysia Tour
The Famous Pork Ribs Soup and Braised Pig's Trotter of Song Fa Bak Kut Teh
Singapore and Malaysia Tour
Ya Kun Kaya Toast
Singapore and Malaysia Tour
One Dollar Orchard Road Ice Cream

6. Itinerary and Entrance Fees:

Total Cost: Php 2,167 / person

Day 1

  • Jewel Changi Airport – Free
  • Clark Quay – Free
  • Orchard Road/Apple Store – Free
ingapore and Malaysia Tour
Jewel Changi
ingapore and Malaysia Tour
Clack Quay
ingapore and Malaysia Tour

Day 2

  • Merlion – Free
  • Art Science Museum – Php 576 / person (Booked via Klook)
  • Gardens By The Bay – Free
  • Cloud Forest and Flower Dome – Php 1,152 / person (Booked via Klook)
Singapore and Malaysia Tour
Merlion Singapore
Singapore and Malaysia Tour
Art Science Museum
Singapore and Malaysia Tour
Art Science Museum
Singapore and Malaysia Tour
Supertree Grove - Gardens By The Bay
Singapore and Malaysia Tour
Cloud Forest - Gardens by the Bay
Singapore and Malaysia Tour
Flower Dome - Gardens by the Bay

Day 3

  • Universal Studio (Outside Only)
  • Old Hill Police Station
  • National Gallery Of Singapore – Php 448 / person ((Booked via Klook)
  • Maxwell Food Center
  • Chinese Temple
  • Fort Canning Tunnel
Singapore and Malaysia Tour
Outside Universal Studios Singapore
singapore tour
Old Hill Police Station
singapore tour
National Gallery Of Singapore
Maxwell Food Center
singapore and malaysia tour package
Hainanese Chicken and Braised Duck inside Maxwell Food Centre
singapore and malaysia tour package
Chinese Temple beside Maxwell Food Centre
singapore and malaysia tour package
Fort Canning

*Travel Hack – If you are travelling on a budget, list your top destinations to visit so that you have an overview of your expenses.

Travel to Malaysia via Overnight Bus Php 1,377

MALAYSIA - Itinerary and Budget

There is never a dull moment for the curious traveller in this place, steeped in history and rich in culture.

There is something here for everyone as Malaysia Truly Asia prepares to wow you. Some people prefer it to be lavish, while others prefer it to be organic.

We spend Php 8,947 during our 3 days and 2-night stay here.

1. Internet  

Total Cost: RM 35 or Php 490 for two persons

*Travel Hack- You can buy Simcard at seven eleven. The Simcard fee is RM 10, while the 100GB data cost RM 25.

2. Transportation 

Php 1, 553 / person (Traveling as two persons)

  • Grab – is the cheapest mode of transportation in Malaysia.
  • KL Express – Malaysia’s fastest airport transfer. You can buy your ticket in Klook or buy them at KL Sentral.

*Your transportation expense will be cheaper if you travel in a group larger than two persons. Admittedly, we made minimal mistakes on this trip, so plan your itinerary wisely. The most affordable option is to book a Grab. 

Fun Facts About Malaysia: One litre of crude oil costs Php 24 in Malaysia, so a grab ride is much cheaper compared to here in the Philippines.


3. Accommodation 

Total Cost: Php 2,500 / 2 nights (Traveling as two persons)

*Travel Hack – I highly recommend Hilton Garden Inn. Our room rate comes with a buffet breakfast for two, plus it has the best view of Kuala Lumpur!


malaysia tour
City View at the top of our Hotel in Hilton Garden Inn
malaysia tour
Buffet Breakfast in Hilton Garden Inn

4. Food 

Total Cost: Php 1, 500 per person

*Travel Hack – The food in Malaysia is cheaper and more delicious than in Singapore.

malaysia tour
Mi Goreng Ayam in Rostoran An Nur
Malaysian Mcdonalds
Malaysian Mcdonalds
malaysia tour

5. Itinerary and Entrance Fees 

Total Cost: Php 3,169 per person

DAY 1 

  • City Tour – Hop on and Hop Off Bus – Php 762 per person
malaysia tourist
malaysia tour
Petronas Twin Tower and the Moon between the Towers

Day 2 

malaysia tour
Colorful Batu Caves
malaysia tour
Colmar Tropicale - Berjaya Hills
malaysia tour
Starbucks at Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills
malaysia tour
Trying Kimono in Japanese Garden, Berjaya Hills

Day 3 

  • Putrajaya – Free

*Travelers Note – we did not go to Kuala Lumpur tower since it offers the same view as our hotel. We decided to go to Berjaya over Genting Highland.

malaysia tour
The Pink Mosque of Malaysia
malaysia tour
Perdana Putra

6. Airfare 

  • Php 2,500 Kuala Lumpur to Manila

See you in our next travel! 

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