Laoag City’s Pamulinawen Festival 2023 Schedule

Pamulinawen Festival 2023 Schedule

pamulinawen festival 2023
Photo: Laoag City Official Facebook page

From a straightforward commemoration of Saint William’s Feast Day, it evolved into a lavish festival that highlights the culture and history of the city through a range of events.

Since the Spanish colonized the Philippines, the city of Laoag has celebrated the feast of Saint William or the Pamulinawen Festival today.

What to look forward in this year’s Pamulinawen Festival 2023?

The most anticipated event this year is the Tan-ok ni Ilocano Festival of Festivals in February 24.

The various contingents were tasked with performing narrative dances on the history, culture, or regional celebrations of their municipality. 

The 22 participants from two cities and 21 municipalities are participating this year.

pamulinawen festival 2023
Photo: Tan-ok ni Ilocano Festival of Festivals Official Facebook oage is a website run by people who likes to travel, food and write whatever that interest them.

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