5 Things to Enjoy in Laoag City 2022

5 Things to Enjoy in Laoag City 2022.

They call this place as the Sunshine City of Laoag which derived from the english word “light” because this city is located in the province of Ilocos Norte which is the sunniest and windiest part of the Philippines.

Experience different kinds of outdoor activities like sand boarding, 4×4 extreme ride, swim at the beach and watch the beautiful sunset.

So here are the 5 Things to Enjoy in Laoag City 2022 while exploring Laoag City:

1. The City Center

Laoag city center is not that big you can just walk around exploring things like a normal citizen of this place, I have listed some of the things you might want to visit,

  • Taoid Museum – its located at the right side of the Capitol of Ilocos Norte.
  • Sinking Bell Tower – just a few steps away from the Capitol.
  • St. William Cathedral – just a few steps beside the Sinking Bell Tower.
  • Aurora Park – Its just infront of the Capitol.
5 Things to Enjoy in Laoag City 2022
Sinking Bell Tower of Laoag City

2. La Paz Sand Dunes

An 85 square kilometer coastal protected dessert that offers extreme recreational experience which is the 4×4 hill ride and sand boarding, but if you don’t like these things you can just take some selfies or capture this natural beauty.

Its just 10 minutes drive from the city proper and if you are a backpacker you can just hire a trycicle the fare is  P80 – P100.

Things to do in Laoag City 2022
Lapaz Sand Dunes 4×4 ride in Laoag City credits to It’s more fun with Juan
Lapaz Sand Dunes, Laoag City Ilocos Norte
Beautiful Sunset at Lapaz Sand Dunes, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte

3. Local Delicacies

Have you heard the Empanada which is the most popular street food of Ilocos, you can find stalls selling it across the city, but aside from the famous Empanada there are some foods that needs some recognitions that you definitely want to try, I have listed some and where to find it.

  • Miki – an Ilocano noodle soup with chicken stock and Annato powder (Atsuete) usually topped with boiled egg
Things to do in Laoag City 2022
Miki Soup proto credits to Ainnie Pacheco
  • Tupig – is made out of rice flour and coconut milk wrapped in banana leaves then cooked over uling or charcoal.
Things to do in Laoag City 2022
Tupig photo credit to angsarap.net
  • Chicharon Cornick – corn kernels that are deep fried to to make it crispy and crunchy comes with different flavors of garlic, cheese, barbeque and adobo.
    • Where to find it: Usually the vendors are located in Chendaan (Public market)
Things to do in Laoag City 2022
Photo credit to Ilocos Norte Tourism

4. Local Restaurants

While exploring the city you might want to satisfy your Ilocano cravings. Unfortunately some of the biggest restaurant are already  closed but no worries there are few that are still operating and top rated.

  • Dawangs – A local favorite, a karinderya type restaurant that serves Ilocano cuisines. Their trademark dish is the paksiw which is a beef soup.
    • Where to find it: #8 Paterno street, brgy.23 2900 Laoag City, Philippines or you might want to visit their facebook page Dawang’s Eatery sa Laoag.
  • Cuisine de Iloco – Top rated and tourist favorite fine dining restaurant in Laoag City. Their trademark dishes are their Banget menus which consist of Sisig, Kare-kare, sinigang and Dinuguan.
    • Where to find it: Hernando Avenue, Brgy 7-a, Laoag City, Philippines or you may visit their facebook page Cuisine de Iloco.

5. Swim at the Beach

Refreshen your body and swim in the beach of Calayab, Laoag City its just 15-20 minutes drive from the city proper, you can also enjoy the sightseeing view of Fort Ilocandia Resort that is declared as a 5 star hotel in the north before.

If you have plenty of time you might want to consider watching the sunset here because it’s mesmerizing.

Things to do in Laoag City 2022
Fort Ilocandia Beach Sunset photo credit to Mel Bactad

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