YUGO Japanese Restaurant Vigan | Amazing Japanese Teppan and Sushi Experience

Amazing Japanese Teppan Experience at YUGO Japanese Restaurant Vigan located inside UNP Vigan City.
YUGO Japanese Restaurant Vigan
Photo: YUGO Japanese Fusion Teppan and Sushi Bar Facebook

In YUGO Japanese Fusion Teppan Restaurant Vigan, you will experience a fantastic show while you are eating called the Teppanyaki. Flat-surfaced, propane-heated teppan grills, also known as teppanyaki grills, are frequently used in restaurants to prepare food in front of customers.

The teppan can cook small or semisolid items like rice, eggs, and finely chopped vegetables because of its solid griddle-type cooking surface.

YUGO Japanese Restaurant Vigan
Photo: YUGO Japanese Fusion Teppan and Sushi Bar Facebook

Suppose you are not into a teppan style. You can also order traditional Japanese cuisines like Sushi, Ramen, Rice bowls, and Bento Boxes. From my experience, I like the Bento Box. It’s affordable and delicious that comes with a vegetable side dish, pork tonkatsu, sesame rice, and drinks.

YUGO Japanese Restaurant Vigan
YUGO Japanese Restaurant Vigan

For their complete menu, you can visit their Facebook page since they offer a lot: YUGO Japanese Fusion Teppan and Sushi Bar

YUGO Japanese Restaurant Vigan
Photo: Yugo Japanese Restaurant Vgan Facebook Page

The Experience of Eating here:

At first, I was hesitant to go inside since the place was intimidating; it was well-decorated and elegant. Their prices seemed above my budget, but I was wrong. Thanks to their posters outside, I saw their menu prices.

The food was excellent, and their service crews were attentive. I will go back here to try their other menus. 

YUGO Japanese Fusion Teppan Restaurant Vigan Restaurant info:

Address: Inside UNP Town Center Building Ground Floor Brgy Tamag, Vigan City Ilocos Sur (Infront of UNP Collage), City of Vigan, Philippines

Operation Hours: 10 AM to 9 PM Daily

Contact Numbers: 0917 868 6863 / 679-1765 / 09178686863 / 09959776176

Email Address: franz_liquete@yahoo.com

They also offer delivery services:

Ilocos PasaBuy (09171398558)

Wen Boss Express (09776904010)

Toktok Delivery Express (09365649307)

BipBip Delivery Ilocos (09171132241/09560588806)

Parekoy Delivery Express (09351453797)

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