Best Restaurants in Vigan 2022

Best Restaurants in Vigan 2022. The legacy of those who gave their all to compile beloved recipes that they finally passed on to numerous generations is what makes Ilocano cuisine unique. These must-try restaurants in Vigan City, which serve Ilocano cuisine with modern twists, are ideal for a confirmed foodie at heart and shouldn’t be overlooked when making your Ilocos trip.

Café Bigaa is famous of its Vigan Longganisa, Bagnet, Igado, and Sinanglao, which are known for being made with genuine Ilocano ingredients. Additionally, Café Bigaa offers pasta and other Western fare. The Rusangis pasta in a cream sauce with local seafood is one of its traditional favorites that is included as one of the Best restaurants in Vigan.

The 130-year-old Vigan Plaza Hotel houses this quaint restaurant with a rustic ambiance. Its name, “Bigaa,” is an Ilocano term for a taro plant, from which the locality of Vigan took its name.

Cafe Bigaa Vigan

One of the popular restaurants in Vigan along Calle Crisologo is Café Leona, which serves fusion dishes of local and Western cuisine. When night falls, customers who enjoy seeing the famed cobblestone street’s splendor with all the lights and the rustic charm of the nearby Spanish-built structures fill the cafe’s outside seating area.

A statue of Café Leona’s proprietor, renowned Ilocano poet Leona Florentino, is located next to the café. Ilocano meals that are expertly infused with Japanese and Italian tastes add to the cafe’s cool atmosphere. The cafe serves a variety of regional specialties, including Pinakbet, Vigan Longganisa, and Bagnet.


cafe leona menu

BarTech is a brightly lit restaurant with live acoustic music along the storied Calle Crisologo that is renowned for being the first and only evening buffet in Vigan. The Ilocano word “bartek,” which means “to be inebriated,” is whence BarTech gets its name and still one of the Best restaurants in Vigan 2022.

In addition to alcoholic drinks, they also provide hors d’oeuvres such Bagnet Frittos, Dinakdakan (grilled pig ears and liver with calamansi sauce, onions, and chili pepper), Tokwa’t Bagnet, and Calamari Rings. 


We included Kusina Felicitas as one of the Best Restaraurants in Vigan because of its uniqueness and mouthwatering dishes, which first opened its doors in 2004 as a small restaurant within Grandpa’s Inn, is dedicated to providing its customers with a genuine Ilocano gastronomic experience. When you walk through the doors of the heritage Vigan restaurant, you’ll feel as though you’ve traveled back to the 18th century.

Kusina Felicitas

The Hidden Garden Lilong and Lilang Restaurant is undoubtedly one of Vigan’s best-kept secrets and is little under 4 kilometers from Plaza Burgos and Calle Crisologo. It offers the greatest Ilocos Empanada and Chicken Inasal in the area. Bamboo walls and local decorations in Hidden Garden Vigan add to the place’s traditional and festive atmosphere.

Hidden Garden Vigan

Casa Vicente Restaurant, a rustic bar and restaurant at the crossroads of V. de Los Reyes Street and Bonifacio Street, is a favourite amongst couples for its charming ambiance. It used to be senator Vicente Singson’s stone home before becoming a restaurant and bar.

Indoor dining area with restored decor is available at Casa Vicente Restaurant. There is a special table and seating space in the restaurant’s corner set aside for patrons who want to make romantic proposals. This is why its included in Best restaurants in Vigan 2022.

Casa Vicente Restaurant

The sophisticated restaurant and cafe 1995 Studio Café, which itself is conveniently located in Calle Crisologo, provides a selection of drinks, salads, and dinner options. 1995 Studio Café has everything you’ll need if you’re looking for meals in Vigan besides Bagnet.

1995 studio cafe vigan

Calle Brewery Vigan City, which serves smoked meats and regional artisan beers in Vigan, Less than 200 meters separate it from the Syquia Mansion Museum along Calle Crisologo.

Long bar at the brewery’s entrance, where they serve their own locally brewed, handcrafted beers. Craft beer is made at the nearby brewery, which is located behind the restaurant. Calle Brewery takes the seven-step brewing process—from milling to packaging—very seriously to ensure the authenticity of their regional brews. This is the reason why it is included in Best restaurants in Vigan 2022.

Calle Brewery menu is a website run by people who likes to travel, food and write whatever that interest them.

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