Top 10 Best Beachfront Hotels in Pagudpud 2023

Our list of the Top 10 Best Beachfront Hotels in Pagudpud updated 2022.

Pagudpud, a town in Ilocos Norte, boasts one of the best beach experiences in the Philippines thanks to its ideal location at the northernmost tip of the main island of Luzon. Aside from the well-known and stunning tourist attractions like the windmills, lighthouse, bridge, rock formations, falls, and many more, Pagudpud is also the ideal place for a staycation because it has a variety of hotels and resorts.

The following are the best beachfront hotels in Pagudpud to stay at.

The 4-hectare ALTA VISTA ILOCANDIA is located on a lush, rolling mountain topography with a 180-degree view of the West Philippine Sea and the Cordillera Mountain Ranges. It is on the northwest side of Pagudpud. The recently opened resort is encircled by pristine reefs, a gorgeous mountain range, and the West Philippine Sea’s soothing beauty of turquoise-blue waves laced with powder-like white sand beach coves. Alta Vista is a haven for nature lovers, tourists, hikers, and the like because of its abundance of natural beauty.

Visitors can take a short guided tour to a nearby spring waterfall, explore winding rock formations, go snorkeling in different coral pools, stroll along the white sand beach, and watch the magnificent sunset while being serenaded by the cool sea breeze. Due to Alta Vista’s ideal position, every visitor enjoys a cool subtropical highland climate most of the time between the summer and practically winter-like seasons truly one of the Best Beachfront Hotels in Pagudpud.

Ingeniously combining local resources with contemporary architectural materials and technology, the resort creation seamlessly blends with all the natural beauty available. The main hotel building, a multi-level pavilion, single-detached villas, cabanas, and recreation spaces are among the newly built features. Alta Vista Ilocandia is the perfect location for business meetings, family reunions, destination weddings, and special occasions.

Photo: Alta Vista Ilocandia, Inc. facebook page

Experience a balanced lifestyle and environmental sustainability at this family-owned and -operated resort. You can rest peacefully in their cozy bedrooms or in tents set up in the seashores. There are better choices also like bird viewing, flower picking, fishing, trekking, swimming, or simply unwinding by the hammock area if you don’t need TV, internet, telephone service, or other high-tech conveniences.

Best beachfront hotels in Pagudpud
Photo: Pannzian Beach facebook page

Casa Victoria is your perfect gateway to Pagudpud’s renowned white sand beaches.
A beachfront hotel and restaurant called Casa Victoria is tucked away amid Saud Cove’s undeveloped coastline. Take full advantage of nature. In this secluded area of paradise that is entirely yours, you may take a dip in imposingly beautiful blue seas, stroll on fine white sand, soak up the tropical sun, and get in touch with nature.
Rest your weary body and mind in Casa Victoria’s air-conditioned, roomy, modern rooms. The staff and residents will show you gentle Ilocano friendliness. During your holiday, you can exchange images and chat with friends using the free wifi that is accessible.

Discover true Ilocano hospitality at this resort situated on Saud Cove’s snow-white shores one of the Best Beachfront Hotels in Pagudpud. Their contemporary, roomy, and reasonably priced air-conditioned rooms can accommodate up to 9 people, making them ideal for large groups. Authentic Ilocano cuisine including pinakbet, bagnet, longganisa, dinengdeng, and freshly caught fish and seafood are served in the hotel’s on-site restaurant.

best beachfront hotels in pagudpud
Photo by Casa Victoria Beach Resort facebook page

A three-star resort in a very distant location that will satisfies the needs of those seeking a tranquil, calm place to stay and  individuals who prefer uncrowded places which is one of the top beachfront hotels in Pagudpud.

This resort prioritizes relaxation above all else and provides lodging options ranging from opulent premier rooms to affordably priced beach huts. Being removed from famous tourist destinations is beneficial, especially for individuals who appreciate the outdoors. Since they provide sports like kite surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling, and many more, you won’t run out of things to do either.

Photo by Kingfisher Kite Surfing Hotel facebook page

For those who appreciate the beauty of solitude while being surrounded by some of nature’s most breathtaking backdrops, Casa Consuelo is the ideal tropical hideaway. A generous white beach that stretches out to the horizon on both ends is framed by the lush and verdant Cordillera mountains. Dos Hermanos island, easily accessible at high or low tide from the beach, is perched lazily to the left. Marine life has a safe shelter on the island. The unusual shelters draw design cues from Ilocano traditional dwellings while incorporating modern bathroom amenities.

Top beachfront hotels in Pagudpud
Photo: CASA CONSUELO (island reef) Facebook page

Ayoyo Cove Inn is a location to unwind, relax, and take in the calm ambiance away from the hustle and bustle of a huge city without the smog and other pollutants in the air. It is situated on the South China Sea coastline. There is a private beach at the Ayoyo Cove Inn where you can swim, fish, snorkel, kite surf, or simply unwind in the sun or shade. Additionally, the Ayoyo Cove Inn features a natural spring pond where you can go eel, tilapia, catfish, and mudfish fishing.

Best beachfront hotels in Pagudpud
Photo: Ayoyo Cove Inn facebook page

The North Beach Camp, which is hidden away in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, offers a tranquil setting for reflection, respite, and escape.

North Beach Camp had incredibly modest beginnings. It began as a personal beach house. It became the ideal location to have barbeques and picnics with friends and family because of the nice sea breeze and its size. The proprietor thought the location had a lot to offer. His friends shared this opinion. They also considered ways to enhance its beauty and attractiveness because they wanted to share the location with as many people as possible.

The lighting in the dining area gave the space a rustic feel. Conversations over a cup of coffee or a case of beer become more profound under the lights of both the bulbs and the moon.

Additionally, there are 5 nipa huts in the North Beach Camp that were constructed with supplies found in the region. Two people can sleep in a hut’s two single beds. Because the building was intended to allow in the cool sea wind, ventilation is seldom an issue.
Something was still lacking even after the nipa huts were built and the dining area’s lights were added. The addition of a rock garden made the Kalachuchi flower one of the garden’s main attractions.

The property also offers attractive and clever signage. The camp promotes and engages in environmental responsibility and awareness. Trash cans can be seen in the region to remind people to dispose of their trash appropriately.

best hotels in pagudpud
Photo: North Beach Camp Facebook page

The most renowned Pagudpud beach resort, Polaris Beach House, is prepared to receive visitors and tourists throughout the upcoming summer season. Polaris Beach House is more than simply a hotel; it’s an unforgettable adventure!

Polaris takes pleasure in being known as the greatest resort in Saud Beach for guests looking for a straightforward, cozy setting where companionship, enjoyment, and freedom are all included in our services.

top hotels in pagudpud
Photo: Polaris Beach House Pagudpud Tripadvisor

All the essentials are provided for you by Saud Beach Resort & Hotel, including clean sheets, towels, and toiletries. You might want to pack your favorite brand of soap and shampoo, sunblock, tanning lotion, and a hair dryer. Despite the fact that we have a first aid kit, it’s always a good idea to pack a kit filled with basic medications.

The only thing you actually need to carry is a bikini. Mother Nature will take care of the rest: the light, the sound of the waves, the touch, tastes, and scents of her magnificent creations. We’ll take care of your lodging.

Kids usually have a great time because there is room for them to run around and play. if they need specialized meals and beverages that is why we included this resort as one of the Best Beachfront resorts in Pagudpud.

beachfront resorts in pagudpud

Evangeline Beach Resort is every traveler’s ideal hideaway, nestled among a magnificent stretch of white sand beach, towering tropical trees, and the flawless charm of the ocean wind. A few nights at our resort are more than just another beach getaway because of the splendor of the Pagudpud coastlines and our first-rate Ilocano service. We allow you to experience paradise unlike any other.

A memorable trip with us entails more than just lazing in the warm tropical sun or cooling down in Pagudpud’s soothing waters. Choose one of our many facilities when you wish to maximize your time for rest and relaxation since they guarantee to match the famed beaches of Pagudpud in their natural beauty. is a website run by people who likes to travel, food and write whatever that interest them.

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